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2022 In Review: My Favourite Photos

2022 was a great year for me and my work. I photographed more weddings, headshots and events this year than ever before, and I've already taken a number of bookings for 2023, 2024 and even 2025! I also held my first ever solo exhibition of my work for Trans Portraits UK, and I developed a hell of a lot more confidence in my work and my ability to run a business. My earnings have definitely increased on the previous year, and while I would still categorise myself as being on low-income, everything indicates that this is likely to change in the future!

So since 2022 was so positive, I thought it might be nice to do a top ten of my favourite things that I photographed. Yes, I know we’re already part-way through February 2023, but top surgery and my part-time jobs have kept me occupied over the past month, so in some ways it feels like the year is only just starting for my photography!

10. Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Something I really love about Bristol Balloon Fiesta is that it always inspires me to go out and take photos. I’ve been to various different spots around Bristol in previous years, but this year a friend came to visit for the fiesta and we went to both of the successful morning launches. It was a really lovely couple of mornings, and I got some images that I absolutely adore.

9. Bristol Improv Theatre

The most recent event on this list, photographing for Bristol Improv Theatre in November and December was great fun! Theatre photography is an area that I’m really keen to expand into; I love the theatre, and one of my part-time jobs involves working in one. I’ve done a number of rehearsal shoots over the past few years, but never a live performance, so getting to photograph the Unscripted Players’ Big November Show, plus Tales of Adventure in December, was a great experience. And what’s more, I got to watch two awesome and very funny shows!

8. Sam and Adam's Wedding

This was such a lovely wedding. Sam and Adam booked me very last minute – only a couple of weeks in advance, if I remember rightly – and it was one of those situations where everything just seemed to come together perfectly. There was just such a gorgeous vibe to the whole day – everyone was so full of joy! And quite a few of the photos I took at this wedding are among my favourites from the entire year – I suspect I’ll be using them as portfolio shots for a long time to come!

7. Landscapes and Abstracts in New York

Landscape photograph is quite unusual for me at the moment. I don’t often get the chance to photograph purely for pleasure these days, as I’m usually so busy with work. So heading out to take landscapes and abstracts while I was on holiday visiting family in New York State was a wonderful way to relax. (Almost as relaxing as the many hours I racked up on Pokemon Go during those three weeks!)

6. Bristol Pride with the University of Bristol

Photographing Pride in my home city is always a special occasion, but this year felt extra special. The University of Bristol hired me to photograph their staff and students on the march, and at the parade ground afterwards. There’s something really, really lovely about having been hired to photograph the same LGBT+ student society which nurtured me when I was a baby queer ten years ago!

5. Headshots with Kirsty Jones

This was a brilliant way to start 2022 and, one year on, still feels like a classic headshot session! Kirsty is a Bristol-based poet who wanted some headshots and a few informal photos for her new website, and the two of us just really clicked! One of my favourite things about headshot and portrait sessions is that they give me a really nice opportunity to connect with another person. When you end up getting on really well with someone, like Kirsty and I did, it can really stimulate creativity in the absolute best way; as a case in point, I ended up with nearly double the amount of photos from this session than I usually would!

4. Ana and Rachel's Wedding

Such a wonderful wedding! The whole day was really chilled out, and everyone was so lovely. Not only were Ana and Rachel awesome clients, but their family and friends were all so welcoming towards me. The whole thing was a long time coming too, as Ana and Rachel first booked me in 2020, and had to postpone their wedding. I’m so glad they stuck it out and came back to me for 2022, as this was a real highlight of my year!

3. Natalie and Tom's Wedding

Right from the initial meeting with Tom and Natalie, I knew I had found some brilliant people. We had a really fun pre-wedding photoshoot – in a graveyard, of all places – and the day itself was just outstanding. The whole day felt full of love and warmth – and included amazingly nerdy table decorations, handmade by some of Natalie and Tom’s friends, along with an extremely hobbit-y moment where the two of them gave out presents to about half their guests as a show of appreciation. This was one of those weddings that made me feel extremely happy to be a wedding photographer!

2. Bristol Trans Portraits/Trans Portraits UK

Honestly I could pick any of these sessions out as highlights this year, so I'm putting them all together in a bundle at number 2! I’ve photographed so many amazing people for this project over the past year, made so many friends from it, and taken so many photographs that I’m proud of. 2022 also saw me launch a TPUK magazine, and host the project’s first ever exhibition. I can’t wait to do more trans portraits in 2023, and I’m hoping to get underway with them in late March, when I can lift my camera again!

1. Trans Pride South West March 2022

Hands down, this is one of my favourite moments of the whole year, both on a personal and professional level. Attending and photographing Trans Pride South West is always a hugely empowering experience, but this year the march felt bigger than ever. Memories that stand out to me include starting a chant from the middle of the crowd with some of my friends, climbing onto a plinth to get a better vantage point to take photos of the entire crowd, and spending the rest of the day at my Community Day stall. I felt so connected to the trans community that day, and it still makes me feel warm just thinking about it. <3


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