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Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Nick(y) Ebbage, my pronouns are they/them, and I'm a queer wedding and event photographer based in Bristol, UK. My photography takes a natural, documentary style - I love capturing images which feel authentic, where people are lost in the moment and not even necessarily aware of the camera!

I’m probably the right photographer for you if you want someone chilled out, who can set you at ease throughout any nerves or awkwardness, and who will celebrate you for who you are.

When I was twelve years old, my mum decided to start a photography business. She needed an assistant at events and, naturally, I assumed that role – because putting your own child to work is cheap, you know?


Back then, photography was a way for me to earn pocket money, but over the past eighteen years it’s become something of a passion. The camera is so versatile; I love exploring what I can do with it, and pushing myself to create new things!

In 2018, I decided that I wanted to pursue photography properly as a career and became a freelancer. Since then, I've worked with some amazing venues and organisations across my home city, including Bristol Old Vic, Travelling Light Theatre Company and Trans Pride South West, and I am currently one of two house photographers at St George's Bristol.

I've been published in national newspapers, featured in the Royal Photographic Society Magazine and even in documents produced by the EU! My work within the queer community is also very important to me, and alongside regularly photographing LGBTQ events and weddings up and down the country, I also run a national portrait project called Trans Portraits UK.


Outside of photography I'm essentially just a big nerd who really loves the Lord of the Rings and thinks about food a lot. I spend large portions of my time reading fanfiction (my current hyperfixation is Our Flag Means Death!), walking up and down big hills for fun, and knitting hats.


I also work part-time in a music venue, a theatre and a theatre school doing customer service, and I like to think this has helped me with my chronic awkwardness to such an extent that I am now able to successfully talk to other human beings. Go me.

Four quite random things about me


 Until about 14, my main ambition in life was to get a sports scholarship to the US and become a professional basketball player. People seem to find this surprising.

Morning Person

My average wake-up time falls between 5am and 6am. You'll often find me out for a walk at 6:30am, or photographing the sunrise on quiet mornings.

Avid pokemon fan

 Nuzlocke streams are my go to background noise when I'm editing, and I play Pokemon Go literally every day (gotta get them daily bonuses)!


I have a first class degree in history from the University of Bristol. My dissertation was abut the influence of stage magic on early cinema. I'd like to go back and do a PhD one day!

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I'm very open about my queer identity and I get A lot of questions about it

I'm a trans, non-binary asexual person in a queerplatonic polyamorous relationship. That's lot of big (potentially unfamiliar) words, and many people question why any of it is relevant to my photography.

The short answer is that I like to be as open about myself as possible - both so that I can live and work authentically, and because openness often paves the way towards understanding. I also believe these aspects of who I am have a huge influence on how I experience the world, and how I shape my business. So for anyone interested, I do the occasional blog post on stuff like this!

Check out my blog post here on queerness and its impact on my photography.

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