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Wedding and event photography with a natural, authentic feel.

LGTBQ wedding and event photographer Nicky Ebbage sits on a rock with their camera on a tripod in front of them. They have short brown hair, are wearing a red hoodie and their camera has a rainbow strap. They are gesturing and looking at someone off-camera

Hello! I'm Nick(y), and I'm a wedding & event photographer in the uk.

In theory I'm a Bristol-based wedding photographer, but I will happily travel throughout the UK, and I cover ALL SORTS - from weddings to public & private events to gigs to theatre!

I specialise in relaxed, natural looking images. Whatever the photos you're after, my aim is to create a chilled out, comfortable and fun environment for you to be yourself. To my eyes, the best images start from a point of authenticity.

I love connecting with people from all walks of life, and I ESPECIALLY LOVE taking bookings from the LGBTQ community. The last few years have seen me photographing LGBTQ weddings and Pride events in Bristol and throughout the UK - and it's brought me more joy than I believed a job ever could!

There's just something particularly special about seeing you own community thriving, you know?

If you're ready to chat about your photographs, why not come and say hello? Otherwise, have a look through my galleries - there are oodles of photos to explore!

Connection with my clients is key to creating gorgeous images. Let's get to know each other!

What does affordable photography actually mean?

The world is pretty expensive these days, and I think that sucks. While I need to make a living out of my work, I run  reduced rate prices alongside my standard rates for anyone on low-income.


Most importantly: no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Do you only photograph LGBTQ People?

Of course not! I'll happily photograph anyone and everyone, regardless of your gender, orientation or relationship style.

I just get a very unique kind of joy from LGBTQ weddings and events!

Do I know you from somewhere else?

Quite possibly! You may have seen me from Trans Portraits UK, a community photo project about trans visibility and empowerment, which I run.

You may also have seen me working FOH at one of Bristol's many venues; I wear a lot of different hats, okay?!

why are your faq's hanging out in an asexual flag?

Because it's a classy flag and I'm asexual as hell.

Ana, wedding client:

"As part of a camera-shy couple, Nicky was amazing for our nerves and comfort level. They made the whole process feel natural and got some truly great photos of us, both posed and candid.


We chose Nicky for 2 main reasons:

1. Explicitly queer-friendly which was key for us!

2. Their style was exactly what we were looking for - they can take the standard couple/group photos, but their specialty is picking out details, lovely candids, and this very real, warm vibe. I can't explain it properly, but basically some wedding photography looks quite stuffy and awkward, but Nicky's really captures the spirit of the day."

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