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LGBTQ Micro-Wedding: Bristol Registry Office

*My client Laura mentioned that her son probably wouldn't want any photos of himself online, so today's post will include just a small selection of images from the wedding!

My first wedding booking of 2022 was a last minute LGBTQ micro-wedding that came through in February. Gemma and Laura were getting married in a very small ceremony at Bristol Registry Office, and had both decided they didn't really need a photographer. With two weeks to go, they changed their minds and got in touch with me! They were looking for some natural, un-staged photographs to commemorate the ceremony, plus a few group shots afterwards.

The day started early at 9:00am, as we all gathered outside Bristol Registry Office for the ceremony. There were five of us in total - myself, Laura, Gemma and two witnesses. I snapped a few photos as we all waited outside, and a few more after Laura and Gemma were ushered in before the rest of us.

After another ten minutes of so of waiting, the rest of us were led into the Statutory Room for the wedding ceremony. For my part, small ceremonies like this are often my favourite kinds of weddings to photograph; they often have a wonderfully intimate atmosphere about them, which really gives me the opportunity to hone in on all those gorgeous little moments of emotion!

I also really enjoyed the experience of working in Bristol Registry Office for this wedding. The Statutory Room is the Registry Office's smallest room, but there was still plenty of space for me to move around and take photos from different angles. The staff member who brought us into the building was very welcoming, and the registrar was really upbeat!

After a short but intimate ceremony, we moved outside to take some quick group photos, couple's shots and a few more involving confetti canons. We were done by 9:45, making this the shortest wedding I've ever worked! Laura, Gemma and their guests headed off for some celebratory drinks, and I headed straight to a shift at my part-time job - which was quite a tone change for me!

It was really lovely to start the year with such a chilled out wedding and, as ever, getting to photograph LGBTQ weddings like these really does fill me with joy. The whole experience put me in a brilliant mood for the rest of the day - with more than one of my colleagues commenting that I seemed like I was buzzing!

If you're planning a micro-wedding in Bristol, be sure to check out my short wedding package! This package covers up to three hours of photography but if, like Laura and Gemma, you only need me around for an hour or so, I offer custom packages on request.

Get in touch here if you'd like to know more, or book me for your wedding!


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