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Hi! I'm Nick(y), my pronouns are they/them, and I'm a wedding and event photographer based in Bristol, & covering the whole of the UK.


While I'll happily photograph anyone and everyone, I especially LOVE taking wedding bookings from within the LGBTQ community - not merely because it brings me a lot of joy on a personal level, but also because I know how reassuring my clients find it to book a queer photographer.

Why do I specialise as an LGBTQ wedding photographer?

As I'm sure many of you reading this already know, planning a wedding as a queer person can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. So many of my clients talk about weird assumptions that were made while they were scoping out suppliers, and I can't even count the number of registrars or DJs who continue to use terms like "ladies and gentlemen", even amongst overtly queer wedding parties. And that doesn't even touch on the very real fear of outright discrimination that queer couples can face.


That's why I think it's important to be clear that I'm an LGBTQ wedding photographer. I'm transgender & asexual, so not only can I relate to a lot of you, but I also believe my queerness really informs my approach to photography. I guarantee to never try and pose you based on assumed gender roles, to respect your pronouns, and to never use any of that weird, out-of-date, heteronormative language!

And what's more, I'll probably be bursting with queer joy for you all day!

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Capturing Your Wedding

My wedding photography is very natural and unscripted, focusing on capturing all the main moments authentically, without any awkward posing or forced smiles. My photos often capture the way a wedding feels; is it busy, crowded and noisy with people all over the place, or does being there feel intimate, like it's your own little bubble universe?


I especially love taking candids - whether that's a teary father during the ceremony, or a fabulous friend on the dancefloor. Above all I like to be unobtrusive, keeping out of the way and taking photos from a distance so everyone can just get on with enjoying themselves!

I also take a consent-based approach to photography - meaning that if any of your guests don't feel comfortable having their picture taken, I will respect their wishes.

My ethos: Affordability

Wedding photography can be expensive. Not everyone has a large budget, and hiring a professional, experienced and high-quality wedding photographer isn't within everyone's means.


While I need to make a living out of my work, I've developed my wedding packages specifically with affordability in mind. I believe that everyone should be able to afford to have those special moments captured, regardless of wealth or income.


My packages are budget friendly, including short wedding rates for under £500. Low prices aren't synonymous with a reduction in quality, though; you will still receive a set of gorgeous, high-quality wedding photographs.

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The pre-wedding session

Pre-wedding sessions are included in both of my packages because I view them as a really important part of my process.

These sessions can take many different forms, including a walk around your local area, your wedding venue, or even a hike up a mountain. Or, they can incorporate the things that are special to you; if you met at a board games night or a pottery class, we can easily work that into the photos!

Most of all I like to use these sessions as a way of helping you feel comfortable on camera. They give us the opportunity to relax around each other before your wedding, and allow us to discuss which kinds of images you like best. It usually makes taking photos on the day a lot easier!

Wedding Packages

I have two standard wedding photography packages, which you can learn more about below. I do also offer custom packages, for anyone requiring less than three hours, or up to ten hours. For more information about custom packages, please contact me directly.

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