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St Georges Highlights, September 2019 – January 2020

In the past month or so, I’ve fallen a bit behind with keeping my “recent events” updated! December in particular was a difficult time to update, in that I was ill for half of it and also working A LOT – when you have five different jobs and December is the busy period for four of them, things can get a bit difficult to manage! I have a backlog of St George’s photographs in particular, and so I’d like to start the year by sharing some of my highlights from the photos I never posted!

There were some really excellent events at St George’s last season, and it’s been such a privilege to take photographs for the venue. I’ve especially enjoyed being able to attend the Listening Room gigs, which have allowed me to discover so many new Bristol-based musicians. The Glass Studio setting also pushes me to experiment more as a photographer, and I think it’s fair to say that without these gigs I’d have far less confidence with low-light photography.

The first event I’d like to share my photographs from is Kayla Painter’s performance back in November. It was lovely to see the room so packed for Kayla, and through my photos I really wanted to convey the sense that the gig felt busy but also very intimate! Her set was fantastic, and I fully intend to get a ticket to another gig of hers at some point! I’m also really pleased with the photos I got – and even more pleased that taking photos of the gig felt like it came entirely naturally to me.

Another highlight from last season was Spider Music’s Listening Room performance. This was a really fun gig which involved a lot of audience participation, including one point where a member of the audience was recruited to conduct the musicians – and the rest of the audience! I had so much fun taking photos of people enjoying themselves!

I also had the pleasure of being around at St George’s for the Christmas period, when the building tends to be dressed in its best festive-finery! During a break on one of my shifts I popped inside the main hall to snap a few photos of it looking magical in there – the combination of fairy lights and instruments on the stage felt really, really special!

Finally, I spent a morning in mid-December taking a few all-purpose shots of the building. St George’s really is a gorgeous place! I’m really looking forward to working as a photographer there even more this year, and I can’t wait to discover more new music!


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