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Professional headshot photography with a natural feel. Perfect for creative professionals and individuals!

Creative natural headshots

My headshot and professional sessions take a personal approach to creating images that can represent you. I'm not the kind of photographer who's going to insist on taking that very formal, corporate looking photo against a plain white background; instead I prefer to use the environment around you to create something which looks natural and authentic.


I firmly believe that professional photographs can have a creative and personable feel to them - especially if you're a small business owner, or someone working in a creative field.

Kirsty Jones Portrait-22.jpg

Headshot Pricing

Standard rate: £100

Reduced rate: £50

Thank you for your enquiry! I will get back to you during my office hours on Monday or Friday!

Why do you have two rates?

My reduced rate covers the same service, but for anyone on Universal Credit or low-income.

​If you are able to pay the standard rate I ask that you please do, as this helps keep me afloat. But if you can't afford it, just let me know that you'd like to use the reduced rate instead. It's as simple as that! :)

I'm anxious about being on camera

Don't worry, lots of people feel like that! We'll start out by just chatting for a while to help you get comfortable, and once we get started I'll be there to guide you throughout the session.
If you think you're going to find it hard, why not bring along a fidget spinner or something else to distract you?

What should I wear?

Wear something that makes you feel most comfortable. The more relaxed you feel, the nicer the photos will look, so it’s best to wear something that you feel good in.

And if you want to bring a change of clothes or a second jacket, go for it!

Do you do studio headshots?

Not generally. The vast majority of my headshots take place outdoors, making use of natural lighting and the environment around you. Studio settings just aren't really my vibe - I prefer headshots that look authentic more than corporate!

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