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InMe at Bristol Exchange

I sort of accidentally ended up at a gig on Sunday night.

Essentially, I ended up tagging along with someone else who was going to see InMe at Bristol Exchange, and as a spur of the moment decision, brought along my camera. It ended up being a pretty good decision.

It’s been a while since I took any gig photographs, and I’ve never actually been to Bristol Exchange before. In fact, I’ve never properly done any gig photographs in smaller venues; by this point I’ve got plenty of experience in mid-size venues – and at outdoor gigs – but at the kind of venue where there’s limited space, where people are pressed close together and the lights are dim? That’s new to me.

Here’s what I learnt: taking photos in small venues where the lights are dim is something I can do – more than that, I can do it well. Perhaps it’s a confidence thing, perhaps it’s because I’m used to well lit venues, but recently I’ve been a bit hesitant about my ability to take really good gig photographs in low light settings. It’s been a real confidence boost to find out that it wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be, and I’ve ended up with some photos that I really love!

I’m hoping to use this as a springboard to motivate me into getting out there and taking photos of more Bristol based bands. A lot of my evenings are taken up by work, but I really like the idea of making time to try one new gig every month. Like, just turning up with my camera to something random and seeing if I enjoy it – and seeing if I can get some nice photos.

So all being well, you can expect more gig photographs from me soon!

In related news: InMe themselves absolutely smashed it, as did the support band LeBrock!

(And then, after the gig, I sort of accidentally ended up at a Chinese restaurant. There are no photographs of this.)


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